Star Trek Into Bitcoin 2013

Bitcoin is straight out of sci-fi, right? So let's go watch some sci-fi at Bitcoin 2013! Come join us as we watch "Star Trek Into Darkness" at the Hackworth IMAX Dome at The Tech Museum of Innovation, which is located at 201 South Market Street; practically across the street from the convention center! With images eight stories high and featuring 13,000-watts of wrap-around digital surround sound, the Hackworth is the largest dome theater west of the Mississippi.

What more could you ask for?

Beam me up, Scotty!


Friday, May 17th

10:00pm to 12:13am


The Hackworth IMAX Dome

The Tech Museum of Innovation

201 South Market Street, San Jose


Watch "Star Trek Into Darkness" in IMAX

Share the experience with your fellow Bitcoiners


I've confirmed a group rate with the theater; $11 a ticket vs. the normal $15. To order a ticket (or multiple tickets), email me with your name, phone number (just in case), and the number of tickets you want to buy. I'll reply with the current price in bitcoins and a Bitcoin address to send the payment to. You do have bitcoins, right?


I'm not trying to make money from this; I just want to break even. That said, I'd appreciate any donations to cover my time, incidental costs and/or market price fluctuations.

If you like, you can send extra when buying your ticket(s); otherwise, you can send any donations to the following address:



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Cool, Star Trek! I hope Jar Jar's going to be in this one!

Picard doing a facepalm

Please, just go.


Jez San

Paul Bohm

Jim Burton

Taylor Gerring

Jonathan Waller

Jason Thomas

Adrian Scott

David Jean

Matt Young

Tommy Chen

Anh Tran

Rich Brumpton

Eric Price

... and more! Come join us and meet them all!